What to do if you don’t like meditating

Mindfulness is awareness without judgement in the present moment, and something that is hard for a lot of people to practice. Being present can sometimes take discipline, to notice thoughts and redirect them, or to notice feelings and allow ourselves to move through them. Mindfulness is important because it gives our brain a break from … Continue reading What to do if you don’t like meditating


How to change your mindset

One of the hard things about mindsets is that they can be largely based around habits. Habits around how we think about things. It takes conscious effort to change your mindset, especially if you are, per say, a natural cynic. Forming habits around being intentional with the way you think is one of the best … Continue reading How to change your mindset

Mind over Matter?

Our minds are extremely powerful. It is incredible how much potential we have if we believe. Sometimes you start by believing in smaller goals and work your way up to bigger ones. Sometimes that is the only way to avoid becoming consumed by fear of the process and reaching for the stars. Breaking down into … Continue reading Mind over Matter?