Whole Body Wellness

Welcome to my site! I’m a Certified Wellness Practitioner & Author specializing in Stress and Life Optimization. My passion is to help you optimize your wellness through Healthy Lifestyle Tips, Slow Living, Mindset & Stress Management tools.  ​​Soak up as much info as you'd like and let's pave our way to better health. I hope I can provide you with inspiration … Continue reading Whole Body Wellness


Mind over Matter?

Our minds are extremely powerful. It is incredible how much potential we have if we believe. Sometimes you start by believing in smaller goals and work your way up to bigger ones. Sometimes that is the only way to avoid becoming consumed by fear of the process and reaching for the stars. Breaking down into … Continue reading Mind over Matter?

Living big and with purpose

Today I felt extra grateful for life. It wasn't because of anything special or because something awesome happened, it was just because this last week has felt hectic to me for some reason, and I consciously took a moment to reflect and meditate. I realized that I hadn't done my gratitude journal! I love practicing … Continue reading Living big and with purpose