Staying Healthy While Traveling

Lake 09 001Hey All!

Just got back from a great road trip and holiday in the San Francisco Bay Area (my hometown). I did the crazy drive from San Diego and I have to say…..I got pretty lucky! Only 8.75 hours each way!

The biggest challenge is always staying healthy while traveling. I’m one of those people who refuses to eat at fast food restaurants (who’s with me?!!) and that’s pretty much all there is off the freeway. I never eat it.

To stay healthy, I packed a myraid of healthy snacks to take in the car! Lara bars, fruit, veggies, sandwiches, rice. This is what I have to do pretty much anytime I travel, mostly because of my crazy food allergies but also because I’m not willing to compromise my health.

I even managed to get lucky and find an amazing vegan restaurant in North Beach in SF when all around us was nothing but gluten and cheese laden options. Score!

The easiest thing for is to plan ahead and write out a list of snacks that you want to bring with you. Then either pack a cooler or just get non-perishables and then hit the road or plane! Did you know you’re allowed to bring food with you from home when you fly?? I didn’t know this was still allowed! Just be sure to pack it properly and check the TSA guidelines for questions.

Happy Traveling!

XO, Heather


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