A re-awakening

I’ve felt something inside me lately, forcing me to pay attention around the time we rang in the new year. I’ve been consumed the last few years with navigating some personal difficulties and being consumed with work and family life, which has led to very little time for selfcare. Throw in a global pandemic and you have the perfect storm.

It caused me to lose a little bit of my joy and it was noticeable.

Some memories and experiences I had during cancer have also been popping back into my mind and heart and it has caused me to pause. What do I want? What do I need that I’m not getting? What do I want to share? One thing for sure is alone time. I need alone time to recharge. It’s not usually something you get much as a mom but I’ve been trying to carve out more time for myself lately.

I started a business coaching course to focus in on what I want the next phase to look like. I have a deep passion to create more community, teach about wellness and biohacking stress and anxiety. But I also have a deep need to write again. I stopped writing when social media completely rendered blogs a thing of the past, but that left an empty void inside me. I want to write again, even though no one reads blogs much anymore, and I’ll do it just for me.

I’ve realized that I need to do more things just for the joy of doing them. So here we are.



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