Living big and with purpose

Today I felt extra grateful for life. It wasn’t because of anything special or because something awesome happened, it was just because this last week has felt hectic to me for some reason, and I consciously took a moment to reflect and meditate. I realized that I hadn’t done my gratitude journal!

I love practicing gratefulness because it reminds me of what I have in my life currently and allows me to appreciate it! This practice is super important in today’s world. Always trying to accumulate that next BIG material thing or trying to keep up with the Jones’s isn’t my idea of living big.

Living big, to me, is going for it. Going for that something that you might be afraid to pursue or stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s saying “yes” to things more than you say “no” to them. I have made a real effort to do this. When I get invited somewhere or someone asks me to do something or go somewhere, I really try not to come up with excuses as to why I don’t want to do it. I really try to get out and have more fun. In the past, I was always a person who would rather play it safe and would rather stay at home and watch a movie, saying “no” rather than go out. Now, I’m trying to do more things, say “yes” more often and be a little more fearless in my actions.

Since having a baby, I’ve obviously had to scale back a little bit on going anywhere I want whenever I want but I made a point not to be a hermit crab. I started taking her out the first week of her life and getting her used to being in the car and running errands with me. It’s important to me not to lose my sense of self just because I’m a mom now. To be the best mom, I need to nourish myself and continue to live BIG so that I can be an example for my child.

How are you living big? Do you find yourself afraid of going out and doing new things? What do you think stops you from going after your dreams?

xo, Heather


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